4 Facts About SBTRKT You Didn’t Know

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It seems like only yesterday when SBTRKT released his very first album. It was however in 2011, and he’s produced a whole string of sick beats since then. How much do you know about the man behind the mask though?

If you are a fan, you should probably know a couple of things about his music, and where he’s from at least. In this post, we’ll share some facts that you might not have known about the masked muso.

The Origin of the Name

Have you ever wondered about the significance of the name choice? Seeing as it is a bit abstract, it’s only natural to have theories. But the name is actually the artist’s way of imitating how he ‘subtracts’ himself from the music he makes.

How it All Began

SBTRKT was introduced to music by his brother and cousin, who listened to rave, house and hip hop in the early 90s. This is where his curiosity started but it was at the first music festival that he attended that he knew he wanted to make music.

What’s in the Future

The artist seems to be producing songs every other day, including collaborating with peers. Recently he’s worked and collaborated with Sampha and is excited about all the projects and tunes that will be sent through to DJs in the next coming months.

The Inspiration Behind the Tunes

Everyone has someone they look up to, admire, or draw inspiration from. The same goes for SBTRKT. The inspiration behind his beats and incredible tunes comes from artists like Joy Orbison, The XX, Hot City, and Burial to name but a few. We hope you enjoyed our small list of fun facts. Now that you know a little bit more about the man behind the mask and where he draws his inspiration from, you probably feel like listening to some of his tracks. Enjoy!

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