Discography: The Very Best Sounds from Echo Lake

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If you haven’t heard of this amazing dream pop band before today, you are in for quite a treat. Their sound is mesmerizing and even those who favor dubstep and any subgenre of electronic dance music will stand in awe of their truly dreamy sound.

The combination of the vocals and instruments makes for a magical musical experience, that’s for sure. The band formed in 2010 in London with founding members Thom Hill and Linda Jarvis.

Moved and inspired by early shoegazers, Hill and Jarvis started recording their own sound. They were then joined by other band members when performing live. Hill and Jarvis were however mainly responsible for recording and songwriting.

In this post, we take a look at some of their very best tunes and albums you can definitely give a listen to.

Sink: 2010

The very first EP released by Echo Lake projects a very different sound from their more recent releases. The influence tends to be a bit more alternative, with distinctive guitars and drums. Even though it’s a bit different, it still provides a great musical experience.

Young Silence: 2011

The second EP released only a year after Sink sounds closer to Echo Lake’s sound of today and reminds of The Velvet Underground. With dreamy vocals and mesmerizing harmonies, this EP is seen as their real big breakthrough in the dream pop genre.

Another Day/Breathe Deep: 2011

The first single from the band caused a stir as they slowly but surely mastered their unique sound and blend of influences. These two songs were highly acclaimed for the talent of all the band members, and how the vocals intricately complement the harmonies and bold and mesmerizing lead guitar.

Wild Peace: 2012

Then, in 2012, only two years after their first EP, Echo Lake released their first full album to the delight of many fans. The album is seen as the epitome and culmination of the band’s talent and sound and will take you to faraway places that you’ve only dreamt of. Wild Peace is a work of art that deserves recognition and awe.

Era: 2015

It took 3 years for the dynamic duo to release another album after their drummer passed away just before the release of their first studio album. Even though they faced a tough time, they achieved something that very few shoegazers can, producing a masterful album.

Expect dreamy songs that are well-constructed and geared to set the ultimate mood. Continuing with their mesmerizing sound, this album will sweep you away on a journey of reflection.

If you love pop and electronic music and you’ve never heard of Echo Lake before, it’s about time you start. You might just be surprised at how impactful their music really is. Even though there hasn’t been any new material from them in a while, we do hope they continue making beautiful dream pop. If their track record is anything to go by, we can only assume that whatever’s coming next is going to exceed our wildest expectations.