6 Health Benefits of Listening to Pop Music

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Can you imagine a world or a life without music? We sure can’t! Music, much like anything that influences our moods or emotions, make the world go ‘round. Without it, we would not be able to relate to others as easily. We also won’t be able to dance, unwind or just enjoy the art of it.

But music is so much more than that. Did you know that listening to music is actually good for your health and well-being? In this post, we take a look at some of these benefits.

It Improves Sleep

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Just like music can influence your hormones, it can actually influence your sleep. If you suffer from insomnia or find it difficult to fall asleep, try listening to some classical tunes to soothe that worried mind and you’d be surprised at how much shut-eye you get.

It Reduces Stress

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As we’ve mentioned, music can influence your hormones. When you listen to music you enjoy, cortisol is decreased. Cortisol is a hormone that is directly related to stress. In other words, when you listen to or make your own music, your stress levels are reduced, which also improves your health.

It Increases Happiness

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You know about the cortisol, but do you know that listening to music can actually release dopamine too? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is directly related to happiness. This is why you feel an improvement in your overall mood when you start listening to music that you love.

It’s a Natural Anti-Depressant

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We’ve mentioned that music can reduce cortisol and increase the release of dopamine. This is directly related to your emotional state and mental wellbeing. Listening to music you enjoy can actually reduce a depressed state. Be sure to choose happy tunes or music that improves your mood.

It Increases Intelligence

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This is more relative to those of you who are aspiring musicians or singers. Learning to play an instrument, read music or just sing can increase your intelligence and your academic ability.

This has been proved by scientific studies where it was found that young children who went for music lessons had a better academic ability and higher IQ score.

It Boosts Memory

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Listening to music while you do or learn things can actually help you remember. It will make it easier for you to recall important facts, things you have to do, or just memories that you created when spending time with friends or family. The power of listening to music really is astonishing. As you can see, listening to music has many benefits. There really is no reason why you shouldn’t indulge and listen to your favorite tunes while studying, working, or driving. It can improve your mood and bring a spring to your step, that’s for sure!