The Top 4 Pop Artists of All Time

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Yes, there are so many pop stars out there today. And the number just continues to grow. The music industry has changed considerably over the past couple of years, and what’s considered to be something that the masses would like to listen to looks much different than what it used to.

But it is important to note the important role that those that came before the pop stars of today played in shaping the sound and the industry.

In this post, we take a look at four of the very best pop artists of all time, and why they deserve a spot on this list.


It’s no coincidence that she is known or referred to as the Queen of Pop. Madonna is known for her controversial lyrics and reinventing her sound and appearance. And, she’s about to release a new album too.


Sadly, Prince is no longer with us. He is known as one of the most versatile popular artists and musicians and never disappointed. His career stretched over 3 decades, and his music is known for its versatility.

Elvis Presley

Our list would be incomplete without the King of Rock n Roll. Elvis was seen as a groundbreaking artist who gained popularity for his unique sound but more notably, his suggestive dance moves.

Elton John

Elton John is also one of the best-selling pop artists out there. His repertoire includes composing, songwriting, acting, singing and recording to name a few. The Brit is still performing and will be on his final world tour this year.

These artists shaped the way pop music changed and evolved over time, and we are forever grateful to their immense talent and influence.

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