Halls 13T_10 Final lo

Halls – the solo project of 23 year old South London musician Sam Howard – released a debut album, ‘Ark’, in November 2012. A long twelve months later – after rapt reviews and a stint modelling for Hedi Slimane in Paris – Howard’s second album is here, and the changes are marked.

“This is an album about opening up. Ark is the cold album, closed-off, obscure and confusing. I obscured lyrics and hid behind reverb and mumbling. For this album I wanted to reach out more. In some ways it is darker than Ark. I feel that I struggle to connect with a lot of people and I want to connect somehow. Love to Give is about opening up and becoming more of a human being.”

In his new work, Howard has replaced apprehension and doubt with a muted hope, and just as the sentiment has shifted, as too the compositions and arrangements have moved into the real world. Ark’s electronic templates have ceded to – as Howard says – “embrace the sound of human beings”, and the instrumental palate has widened: brass, tuned percussion, woodwinds, and organs now flesh out the tracks, with digital percussion only used for texture rather than structure. Much was recorded in a theatre in London’s Woolwich, with Howard’s vocals recorded naturally in the large main hall, and passing traffic and street noise can be heard faintly throughout the album.

Ark‘ 2012 LP
Love To Give‘ 2014 LP

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