Vinyl Williams – ‘Lemniscate’ (album stream)

Created and performed solely by songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Lionel Williams, VINYL WILLIAMS’ debut album ‘Lemniscate’ unites vast landscapes, multi-religious symbolism, and the supernatural into a paradoxical whirlpool of “mysticism and sonic matrices”. On the surface his music is a flood of ideas and imagery, dashing psyched-out space-rock with layers of kraut and shoegaze; muscular, transcendental-pop tracks led by frazzled melodies and driving rhythm sections. Digging deeper into Williams’ world, album centerpiece ‘Inner Space’ and closer ‘Follow In Your Dreams’ reveal more intangible, ethereal qualities; the sound of a restless creative interweaving concepts to conjure a truly unique and intuitive experience.

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“Lemniscate is an album born out of a new young generation that have decades of musical history to work from, so what used to be avant-garde and experimental is now becoming a very accepted form of new musical expression. 8/10” Northern Transmissions

“Sky-scraping ambition / a fascinating debut from a bewitching producer that clearly has immeasurable talent to harness / extraordinary in transcendent power. 7/10” This Is Fake DIY

“A record rich in magical ethereality and the restless energy of a constantly creating mind. 4/5” The Fly

“Drenched with spiralling originality. 8.1” Bowlegs

“Album of the Week” Rough Trade