If you’ve stumbled on our online magazine, it must be fate. Welcome to No Pain in Pop, where we truly believe that pop music only brings relief, release and gain. If you are a music lover with a passion for pop music, you’ve come to just the place.

The magazine was founded by Eva Selman, an experienced recording engineer with a passion for everything related to pop music. Eva started the magazine to bring all the latest industry news to fellow pop music fans.

From the latest songs to upcoming artists, you will find everything related to the pop music industry right here.

Eva is joined by a team of professional music journalists, designers, developers and producers. Every one of them shares Eva’s passion for the music industry, but more specifically pop music.

Pop is one of the lightest genres out there, the beats, rhythms, lyrics and harmonies resonate fun and joy. This is why the magazine was dubbed No Pain in Pop, as we truly believe that those who listen to pop will only gain from their listening experience.

Here’s an overview of things you can expect to see when you hit that subscribe button:

New Releases

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Our team is always on, keeping an eye on all pop musicians who may release a new single or album. Be the first to know when to expect the next big album from fan favorites like Beyoncé, Echo Lake or the Biebs himself. We’ll keep you updated with all the new releases.

Industry News

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Selena in rehab, Beyoncé pregnant, you name it, we’ve got you covered. Whatever is happening in the world of pop culture and music, when you subscribe to our magazine, you’ll be the first to know. We stay updated with all the latest pop music news.

Top of the Charts

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No matter where you are, we’ll provide you with all the latest chart news. If you want to know who is topping the charts this week, and who was in the same position a year ago, you’ll find all of this information right here on No Pain in Pop.

Corny Tributes

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The pop music industry has seen some great artists come and go, not to mention all the one-hit-wonders. If it’s fun facts and trivia you are after, you’ll find it the moment you decide to subscribe to our online magazine.

As you can see, there’s a lot in store for you if you decide to subscribe to our magazine. The perks keep getting better, as you will be able to share your views and comments with fellow pop fans too!

What are you waiting for? Forget about pain, and think about everything you can gain when you join our online community.