‘The Bedroom Club II’ compilation

bedroom club II cover lo

A1 Ukkonen – Five To Three
A2 John Ola – bd
A3 Buffalo Tide – Mädchen Amick
A4 Beams – Reveal Secrets (The Processes)
B1 Karen Gwyer – Tehe! Blah blah! Shhhh!
B2 Ornine – Bantha Fodder
B3 Dyymond of Durham – Hunger

‘The Bedroom Club’ compilation series continues. Lo-fi/downtempo auteurs rolling in from around the globe.. :

Finnish ‘artic-house-impressionist’ Ukkonen – whose debut LP on Uncharted Audio was a 2012 highlight for NPIP – contributes the opener..John Ola’s (Sweden) downtempo debut track soothes, easing us into.. Buffalo Tide (UK) swirling, big-room bass.. and mystic Beams (Czech Republic/UK) squashed-house.. Fresh from her EP on patten’s KALEIDOSCOPE label, side two opens with Karen Gwyer’s (UK/US) slow release “bath-house”… Ornine (London/China) slays it with the kilter less concrete-dancehall of ‘Bantha Fodder’ …and ends with Dyymond of Durham, a new audio/visual collaboration between Matthew Barnes (aka acclaimed No Pain In Pop act Forest Swords) and fine artist Otto Baerst, whose ‘Hunger’ will feature on a debut EP due 2013.

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